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Only One – King David Jr

King David Jr nos presenta el tema "Only One" con una letra maravillosa.

King David Jr nos presenta el tema «Only One» con una letra maravillosa. 

Lyrics In English
He’s the one and only, great and holy, every second given life don’t reckon to mis perceive, he’s the one we need, the Shepard of Israel the only thing real, true, Above everything else, eveni the worlds magical so traggicial deceiving spells.he so sweet puts us on our feet.
He grants your souls desire,takes you higher! Eternal kindness, were just mindless, best reasoning, and that’s why he’s the perfect king, every day we sing, your everlasting, casting, oh so many blessings onto this earth, you show us light, so bright, have no fright, hes always here, at the same time there! Takes you from the lowest of the low, and retrives your soul, sends it surpassing in the sky, gives you ability to fly, like a shooting star, he casts us far, above the rest, our life is his test, and he knows best, the one and only great and holy!
Transpiring redemption, g d feel my affection, connection plee for perfection! Tired of waiting, all this debating! Kind David said it in his book of psalms,
The Lord will save him on the day of evil, I don’t want to no sequal! No one else is equal, you hold potential, your essential, to my day to day ways, that’s why we always praise morning evening and noon! Pray for no more doom!.
Drowned my enemies, yeah for centuries he’s been merciful, sent the rebbe! To look over us and see, the way we live and taught us to give! Gave us Ahavas Israyal,made our nation proud and royal. And said HaShem is my life, so proud to be his wife.
Supernatural, thoughtful, created everything and every human being! Certainly, purposefully The Lord of Israel for all eternity! Diversity infinity divinity!.
Only One - King David Jr
Shalom Israel
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